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Geeks Blog

Gaming Lounge Progress

Super Geeks & Gaming Update

Hey everyone, been awhile since we have done any posted article updates on the construction for the gaming lounge and updates to the shop.  So let’s dive right on into it! Starting off, we have a new look on our retail side of the business, new shelving and more products!  We have a wide variety […]
Virtual Reality, Future of Gaming

Virtual Reality, Is It the Future of Gaming?

Video games have been around for quite some time now, which are constantly evolving over the years.  The next big thing for the gaming industry are the Virtual Reality setups.  Currently the main three VR setups are the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and the PlayStation Vr.  Virtual reality headsets were a popular Christmas present this […]
Party Rooms

Progress on Gaming Lounge

This week we have made some solid progress on the gaming lounge!  We have the framework done for the tabletop area as well as most of the framework done for a couple of the party rooms!  Mike worked on the tabletop area Tuesday and then Mike and our dad/grandpa worked together to get the framework […]
iPhone Repair Warsaw

Broken iPhone Repair Warsaw

You just dropped your iPhone on the pavement and the screen shattered. You didn’t have insurance on your iPhone, nor can you afford to spend $800 on a new one. Now how will you scroll mindlessly through Facebook for hours or play your favorite games?  Take a deep breath and know that this can be fixed and […]
iPhone Repair Warsaw

Tips to Help Avoid Breaking Your Phone

Anymore, smartphones come with the toughest and most scratch-resistant screens, thanks to materials like the gorilla glass. It takes a lot to break and damage the screens anymore. However, that does not make it impossible if you behave recklessly with your smartphone or tablet it will still break. Here are our tips on how to […]
Gaming Lounge Coming Early 2017

Gaming Lounge Coming 2017

As of this moment we do not have a definite opening date for the gaming lounge, but we are hoping for it to be in early 2017. The gaming lounge will have plenty of options for you to choose from, we will have high-end gaming computers, new generation game consoles, older generation consoles such as […]