Game console stopped working? Don’t worry, We can get it fixed for you in no time. Playstation, Xbox, even Atari it doesn’t matter on make or model we will get it fixed for you.

Playstation HDMI go bad? Our solder team can get a new HDMI port soldered right onto your Playstation for you. This is just one of the many repairs we see all the time.


Game CONSOLE Repair

If you have a game console you need fixed please bring with you: The console, the power cord, whatever cord you use to hook it to your TV, a controller, and 1 game. We like to have all of these items so we can mimic your exact setup while we diagnose the problem.

Once the problem is diagnosed we will contact you with an exact cost if it wasn’t given to you at drop off. Most Solder repairs will take 3 days for systems because of the amount of tear down needed for a system.  While we are doing any repair we always give the system a good cleaning helping it to run better also.


Game and Accessory repair

We do offer Game cleaning and rebuffing. We can also fix that gamer headset that you may have broke the wires off or the controller that you may have squeezed a little to tight. No matter what it is if you use it for your gaming console and you broke it bring it to Super Geeks & Gaming and we will let you know if we can save it for you.