Our Super Geeks can take care of any omputer problems you are having.


Our computer repair techs at Super Geeks & Gaming in Warsaw, Indiana have been trained and certified to get your Desktop computer or Laptop up and running like new again. We will look at your PC and give you your best options in our professional opinions.



Is your computer just not fast enough? All you need to do is bring it into Super Geeks &Gaming and we can diagnose it and see what we can do about upgrading your computer for you .

Is your computer or laptop old and are you ready for a new one? Here at Super Geeks & Gaming we stock very reasonable laptops and desktop. Many are scratch and dent deals, who needs a pretty tower if it is just gonna be sitting under your desk? We can also sit down with you and build you a custom PC to match your needs..

Computer Repair Warsaw


We also can offer you operating system updates and upgrades, clean your PC up so it runs fast again or just help you get your software installed on your unit for you.