WE REPAIR TV’s and most other electronics.


Don’t just throw that TV out with the garbage. Here at Super Geeks & Gaming in Warsaw, Indiana we can fix most brands of TV’s. No matter if it is a cracked screen, wont turn on, or has some weird lines we cn diagnose it for you and let you know what it would cost to repair.


Electronics REPAIR

Besides TV’s we can also fix most other electronics for you. From GPS screens, to camera lcd screens. If you have to plug it in or it uses batteries we can work on it.

We also take TV’s for recycle. So if you do have a TV you don’t want anymore or don’t want to put the money into it we can dispose of it for you. Please call first before dropping a TV off. .


Solder Work

Here at Super Geeks we also offer soldering work. We have skilled technicians that can do solder work from the largest boards all the way down to the smallest boards. So have no fear if your electronic device took so much damage it needs board repair, we can fix that too..